1. Nirvana choreography by Keone Madrid, performed by Ian Eastwood, Megan Batoon and Ryan Phuong | YL CCC LA

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  2. Do you like how you look? I’m not talking about whether you see yourself as attractive, but I mean all the little parts of you—your fingers, the curve of your heel, your toes, the length of your arms, your lips, the length of your hair, your eyes—do you like the color of your eyes?
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    …and I’m officially addicted to my new macbook. I love the feel of the keys, the resolution of the screen. Technology is probably our biggest ignored addiction yet it ru(i)ns our lives and our country. This is one of the four major purchases I have already planned to make this year and I’m extremely blessed and thankful that I am in the position to do so. ‘Things’ don’t necessarily make me happy, but the ability to get them plays a vital role in this type of contentment. 


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Photo Credit: K.Wud Photography - Atlanta, GA


    Photo Credit: K.Wud Photography - Atlanta, GA

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    Let’s just lay in bed and watch Illegally downloaded movies together…

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  11. Vent

    I look forward to dancing everyday, it makes me happy. It makes me sad that I never have enough time to do it because I have to be this adult now. This is what I live for. I dance for nobody but God, I want to celebrate what he has given to me and share it with the world. Ahh I so tired from work. :(

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